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With over 40 years of irrefutable results in 30 different countries around the world there is no denying the impact that Danné has had in the paramedical arena.

What is the Danné Montague-King Treatment Concept?

Danné Montague-King claims that the origin of any skin condition is disharmony in the natural way the skin functions. Therefore the Danné concept is simply about restoring balance and enhancing optimal skin function.

With over 40 years of irrefutable results in 30 different countries around the world there is no denying the impact that Danné has had in the paramedical arena.

Danné utilises the philosophy of Remove, Rebuild, Protect & Maintain:

  • Remove the dead skin cell build-up, which leads to the appearance of dry skin, fine lines and skin discoloration.
  • Rebuild the remaining living cells by providing proteins, amino acids and nutrients, enabling the cells to stay alive longer
  • Protect the skin from the sun, free radicals, glycosylation and other environmental factors that lead to premature aging.
  • Providing optimal skin functioning with appropriate home prescriptives. Maintain and protect go hand in hand.

Danne Montague King Treatment Overview

Danné Dehydrating/ Maintenance Skin Treatment

Danne Montague-King TreatmentsThis facial is a great introductory to Danné Facials. Its main aim is to re hydrate the skin and prepare for more active products. Slight reactions to some products are common and these introductory facials are necessary to reduce the possibilities.

Danné Detoxifying Treatment

This detoxifying and cleansing treatment is for deep cleansing, detoxing and improving skin conditions. This is suitable to all skin types and will boost circulation and improve skin tone and texture. This is recommended prior to any acne treatment.

Danné Spa treatment

The spa treatment is the perfect introduction to the Danné range. A wonderfully relaxing facial, will deep cleanse, detoxify, re minerlaise and re hydrate the skin and is suitable for all skin ages and types.

Danné Acne Treatment

DannĂ© Acne TreatmentThis is a deep cleansing, detoxifying and exfoliating facial. It is designed to increase the blood and lymphatic circulation of the skin and will help to rebalance the sebaceous activity. This is an advanced facial that will be applied only after the skin has had either a detoxifying or deep cleansing facial first. Blackheads and white heads are removed and enzyme masks are applied. This treatment can produce outstanding results – clear healthy skin.

Danné Oily Skin Treatment

This facial is targeted to excessively oily skin (T Zone) or combination skin types. It will treat the dead skin cell build up and allow the skin to function correctly. This facial is suitable to darker and ethnic skin types.

Danné Anti Ageing Muscle Banding Treatment

This treatment is suitable for tired lined skin due to trauma, age, sun, cold and wind. Ageing leads to fine lines, loose skin and loss of skin tone. The unique actions of the enzyme masks work on the deeper facial muscles and will tighten, tone and firm the skin. Mild Rosaeca Treatment.

Mild Rosaeca Treatment

Mild Rosaeca TreatmentThis treatment reaches the core of the problem and addresses all the contributing factors that cause Rosaeca. It calms and sooths inflammation, heals pustules and destroys skin bacteria to re-establish the skins line of barrier defence.


Other treatments of interest

Danné Montague King Prices

Treatment Price
Danné Dehydrating/ Maintenance Skin Treatment £80
Danné Detoxifying Treatment £80
Danné Spa Treatment £80
Danné Acne Treatment  £95
Danné Oily Skin Treatment £95
Danné Anti Ageing Muscle Banding Treatment  £95
Mild Rosaeca Treatment £95


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