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Skin colour is an important factor to consider when shopping for laser hair removal treatments.

 Lasers targets dark hair which is much easier to see on a person with light skin colour compared to individuals who have darker skin tones. As science progressed other lasers were developed to help target hair on people with darker skin by directing energy to the root of the hair rather than on the skin surface.

 These lasers deliver less damaging heat through a long pulse. Long pulse lasers including long pulse diode and long pulse Nd –YAG lasers are generally good for Asian, Latino, and African skin. The average number of sessions for laser hair removal is 5-6 treatments. Depending on the darkness of the skin tone, more sessions may be needed in order to effectively reduce hair growth.

Adore Me Medspa offer the Soprano XL Diode laser as well as the ND YAg laser. These lasers are specific to darker skin types and have proven results for effectiveness and comfort.

Soprano XL has a unique “In-Motion™” technology that creates a sweeping motion of the laser that safely and gently heats the targeted area below the skin without the risk of pigmentation and dark patches.

It is this sweeping laser technology that makes the treatment pain free and ideal for sensitive area like the face and bikini line.

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