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Medical skin peels is the collective term used to describe our range of advanced facials which use different medical chemicals to deeply exfoliate and remove the outermost layer of dead skin.

 This process renews the skin leaving fresher healthier skin behind and is a great way to treat:

  • Fine lines
  • Sun Damage
  • Pigmentation
  • Age spots
  • Large pores
  • Dull skin tone

We offer the Danne Montague King Enzyme Peel.

Fantastic results are achieved with this unique skin peeling system. Individually tailored treatments are used to help resolve a number of different skin complaints. Particularly affective for Acne Skins and skins that would benefit from resurfacing techniques, such as anti ageing and scaring.

Danné Montague-King believes that the origin of any skin condition is disharmony in the natural way the skin functions. Therefore the DANNÉ concept is simply about restoring balance and enhancing optimal skin function. Regardless of your ethnic background, gender, age or skin condition, DANNÉ Montague-King offers you an effective skin revision program.

With over 40 years of irrefutable results in 30 different countries around the world there is no denying the impact that Danné has had in the paramedical arena.

More information about danne Montague can be found by following the link.

GloSalicylic Peel

The Salicylic Peel is an exfoliant with antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which is able to provide a number of positive effects that promote healthy skin.

It is able to provide a number of positive effects that promote healthy skin by cleaning deep into pores, refreshing skin layers and reducing the appearance of various hyperpigmentation problems (like freckles, acne, acne scarring, mild rosacea, chloasma, melasma and photo-aging). Aside from aiding in the resolution of these conditions, treatment can also be used as general skin rejuvenating agent that works to reduce signs of aging caused by time or the environment.

This Peel possesses anti-acne and anti-irritant properties that work after a treatment to continue increasing the health of skin. The Peel is made with BioAstin, Glo Signature complex, two Glo Signature Serums and Cranberry Extract in order to provide optimal health benefits to patients.

How Does the GloSalicylic Peel Help My Skin?

Patients that make use of GloSalicylic Peel can experience positive effects that include smoother skin and a general improvement in its texture. A reduction in acne blemishes occurs over time.


Excellent treatment for acne. Recommended for acne grades I & II, mild rosacea, hyper-pigmentation, rough and problematic skin.

  • £135 per treatment, (including pre and post skin products)
  • 3 treatments for £337.50


GloTherapeutics Medical Grade Peels

GloTherapeutics Peel range offers a versatile selection of light to medium peels that not only purify and condition the skin they will actively promote skin health and vitality.

Each Glo Chemical Exfoliation treatment is tailored to address the particular issues of the patient, varying in strength to achieve the desired amount of subtle, gradual or astonishing transformation. Treatment can smooth out fine lines, minimize pigmentation irregularities and improve the texture and quality of the skin and help reduce pore sizes.

GloTCA Peel

A chemical exfoliant to decrease the appearance of fine lines and surface imperfections, while promoting healthy looking skin.
Most of us want to improve our skin in some way. Whether it's by eliminating pigmentation, wrinkles or dark circles under our eyes, we all want to have our skin be as healthy as possible. 

Luckily, advances in aesthetic medicine have lead to the creation of chemical peels that help to rejuvenate and refresh our appearance. One of the most successful peels currently available, the TCA Peel, is a popular option for patients that wish to enjoy the benefits of even skin tone and reduced imperfections.

Here are a few of the basic facts regarding TCA Peel and how it can help you to look your best.

A. What is a TCA Peel?

The TCA Peel is a chemical exfoliant that is composed primarily of trichloroacetic acid. Trichloroacetic acid is very widely used in cosmetic medicine because of its versatile chemical structure and array of applications. Solutions containing trichloroacetic acid, like the GloTCA Peel, are frequently used due to their ability to provide positive results and a high level of success in skin treatments, with minimal down time. Patients that choose to undergo TCA Peel treatments are often advised of the product by medical aestheticians because of its ability to decrease surface skin imperfections and fine lines. After a TCA Peel has been applied, skin appears healthier, clearer and more vibrant.

B. How will the TCA Peel Help My Skin?

A TCA Peel is able to help improve the look and feel of your skin by offering one of the most effective medium chemical peel treatments currently available. It provides numerous benefits that refresh the appearance of a patient's skin and promote a healthy, vibrant look. The TCA Peel aids in creating skin smoothness, improving overall skin tone and texture, addressing superficial discolouration and eliminating the appearance of fine wrinkles and lines.

Before & After: Life of a Peel - Step 1

Patient: Before, No Makeup

These are photos taken with the Reveal Imager by Canfield Scientific, Inc. The first is a standard image. In the second image, the underlying vascular conditions are shown and in the third the underlying sun damage. The Reveal Imager camera shows a range of images that demonstrate the damage under the skin: the surface damage in the first photo is somewhat evident, particularly hyperpigmentation. The second photograph shows the vascular conditions. In the third photograph, the sun damage is more evident, as shown by the darker sections of brown.

Step 1 - in the process of GloTherapeutics Peels

Before & After: Life of a Peel - Step 2

Patient: Post Peel

This set of photographs was taken immediately post peel. The patient had been prepped at home for two weeks using Retinol CS – a 3% retinol product from glo.therapeutics. She was cleansed and degreased using glotherapeutics Peel Prep. An additional prep using Enzyme was used also. Two layers of glo.therapeutics TCA 15% were applied to the entire face with an interval of 5 minutes. An additional layer of the TCA was added over the cheek area where there was the most hyper pigmentation. The first photo shows erythema and some noticeable frosting in small patches. The second image shows the temporary increase in redness. In both the second and third photo, the areas where the skin has frosted is evident.

Step 2 - in the process of GloTherapeutics Peels

Before & After: Life of a Peel - Step 3

Patient: Day After Peel

These images were taken 24 hours after the TCA peel was administered. The surface erythema has mostly dissipated and is replaced by a normal darkening of the skin in the areas where the skin frosted and was given a third coating. In the second image, we can see that the underlying redness is also dissipating. There is no change in sun damage at this point.

Step 3 - in the process of GloTherapeutics Peels

Before & After: Life of a Peel - Step 4

Patient: Several Weeks Post Peel, No Makeup

In this set of photographs, the client is photographed several weeks after the peel was administered. All the frosted, darkened spots have completed sloughed and there is no redness or irritation. There is noticeably less hyper pigmentation and her overall complexion has been brightened. The skin is softer and facial lines are less noticeable. In the second image we see that the underlying redness has also been diminished. In the third image, hyper pigmentation is still evident but lessened.

Step 4 - in the process of GloTherapeutics Peels

Before & After: Life of a Peel - Step 5

Patient: Several Weeks Post Peel, With Makeup

Final images are of the client on the same day as the previous photos. However she is wearing glominerals pressed foundation. The skin looks flawless and even. In the two images next to it we see again, how the mineral makeup also blocks the camera from revealing the vascular and pigment conditions. 

Step 5 - in the process of GloTherapeutics Peels

Here are some of the FAQ's for - glo therapeutics

GLO Therapeutics lightening Serum

Q: What products do you recommend before and after a chemical exfoliation treatment?

A: Before chemical exfoliation treatments, skin should be prepped using exfoliants. This will help remove dead skin cells so that the treatment can penetrate deeper in the skin. It is also a good indicator for how the skin may respond to chemical acids. If a client uses Renew Serum with Glycolic, Salicylic and Retinol and their skin sloughs, you know that client is going to respond very quickly to the chemical exfoliation treatment.

After the treatment, the client may be red or irritated. In those situations or in case of a reaction Renew Serum will provide instant comfort and relief. It should be on hand and the client should have immediate access to it if needed.

Q: If i did not experience skin sloughing after a peel, was the treatment effective?

A: Yes. When a light chemical exfoliation treatment is performed you may or may not get skin sloughing. There are many variables that will contribute to the skin's response. If you do not peel, the treatment is still effective. The use of home care products, different prepping methods and treatment options will affect the outcome.

Q: How often can a chemical exfoliation treatment be performed?

A:The time to wait in between each chemical exfoliation treatment will vary depending on the strength. The rule of thumb is to never peel a peeling skin. A TCA is only allowed 3 times per year. If you have had previous TCA’s, it is essential that we are made aware..

TCA Peel 15% - Price

GLO Therapeutics - 15%

£185 per treatment (includes pre & post skin products) 


  • A patch test is highly recommended at least 24-48 hours prior to treatment.
  • Sun alert: this product may increase skin's sensitivity to sunlight. A sunscreen is highly recommended.

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