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Thermopeel is a revolutionary skin restoration which successfuly treats a wide range of skin blemishes and disorders on face and body, from stretch marks to scarring, from pigmentation to open pores, from ageing to ace and even hairloss.

Thermopeel FAQ's

Why is the treatment so effective?

A number of studies throughout the world have proven the benefits of these skin procedures. Their combination make the treatment particularly effective.

Is the treatment painful?

Treatment with Thermopeel is considered a comfortable and pleasant procedure.

Are there any side effects?

Treatments on thousands of clients of different race and colour show no diverse skin reaction. This is also due to the desensitizing formulations applied on the skin during the procedure.

What is the skin's appearance after treatment and what aftercare is required?

Occassionaly the treatment results in mild redness which may last a few hours. After treatment slight skin sensitivity may show. To protect and soothe the skin, specific skin care formulations may be advised as a home care regime.

What are the advantages of Thermopeel over other types of skin peeling?

Skin peeling with acides can cause permanent scarring. Peeling using diamond points or surgical laser is highly aggresive from the skin and requires anaesthesia. Thermopeel is currently the only system able to guarantee progressive results without any side effects.

What is the procedure time?

Thermopeel technology increases treatment speed. Approximately 10-15 minutes are needed to peel a full face. A complete three stage treatment, which includes Abralase, Skin Tightening and MesoSkin may take approximately 45 minutes depending on the area being treated?

Thermopeel Price List

Treatment Price Notes
Abrasion £70  
Standard £100 For effective results, 10 weekly treatments are recommended
With Luxury mask £120


Thermopeel Treatment Overview

The Abralase procedure genetly erases epidermal layers, while at the same time, the infrared light penetrates the skin tissue. This unique combination stimulates skin renewal.

The Skin Tightening procedure tightens and improves the underlying tissue structure for firmer, younger looking skin.

The MesoSkin procedure uses a specific technology that channels-in positive, negative and neutral cocktails of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Before and afters of Thermopeel

Thermopeel treatment before and after

Thermopeel treatment before and after

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